Usługi - Prawo administracyjne

Administrative law

We provide legal advice and help in preparing appeals and applications within administrative proceedings as well as complaints (among them complaints on public administration entities’ failure to act), grievances, cassation appeals, appeals and applications within proceedings before the administrative courts. We represent our clients during the proceedings before the public administration entities as well as before the administrative courts (including the Supreme Administrative Court).

It is not uncommon for the official clerks take decisions that are against the law, neglect their duties that they have towards the citizens or disable them from taking steps approaching the citizens to their objectives. How to request the rights duly granted to us? How to demand our rights enforcement before the administrative court, if necessary? We will be happy to use our experience in your favour!

If you suspect that the administrative resolution in your case is against the Polish law or you face administrative entities’ slowness or failure to act, our firm can help you find the way out of this situation.

We will help handle all necessary formalities, prepare effective applications, complaints or appeals in relation to the issued resolutions. We will provide a professional support in such a way that you will not feel helpless struggling with the overwhelming power of the public administration or local government bodies.

The scope of cases that we work on to describes all the cases that the administrative entities need to attend and comprises almost all aspects of life, among others health protection, environment protection, economy, internal safety, country’s national security, education, construction, culture.