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Our firm guarantees comprehensive legal advice and services in the areas of civil law, family law, criminal and administrative law.

Usługi - Prawo cywilne

Civil law

has as an objective the protection of individual’s interests. Within its frame we elaborate for you lawsuits, applications, civil-law and commercial contracts, and we offer help in disputes resulting from breach of contracts (claims, debts, idemnities, damages, remedies, warranties). We provide legal services in relation to property titles (acquisitive prescription cases, mortgage, real estate registers), we help pursue consumers’ claims (guarantee’s claims or claims resulting from good’s nonconformity). We attend to cases of succession (transfer of propriety rights after a deceased person, last will and testament, inheritance relinquishment contracts, disinheritance, donation contracts)...

Usługi - Prawo rodzinne

Family law

iIs a branch of the civil law that regulates legal relations within a family (propriety and non-propriety). The law describes the family’s rules of existence and functioning, and regulates its internal relations as well as those with third parties. Within its frame we provide legal advice and services in relation to separation, divorces (by cause and without it), child support or marital allowance, parental custody, agreements as to contacts with children, division of assets. Additionally, we attend to cases where there is a need to establish a guardianship over a member of a family and/or wardship...

Usługi - Prawo karne i wykroczeń

Criminal law

defines crimes (serious offences posing a high degree of social harm)and misdemeanors (posing minor social harm). It describes regulations as to liability for them and legal means imposed on the offenders. Within the law’s scope the firm provides the following services: defence of the accused, representing the wronged party, motions to impose probationary means (conditional discontinuance of criminal proceedings, conditional suspention of penalty execution, paroles), collective penalty...

Usługi - Prawo karne wykonawcze

Penal law

is a set of rules and regulations as to the execution and implementation of penalties, penalty means and precautionary measures as well as other dispositions decided on in criminal cases. Within the scope of this law we offer our support in cases of penalty deferment or prison leaves...

Usługi - Prawo administracyjne

Administrative law

is a set of rules regulating the functioning of public administration entities, auditing its activities and those of its particular departments. The firm offers its help in the following cases: elaboration of appelas and applications for administrative proceedings, preparation of claims, complaints, cassation appeal, appeals and claims related to the proceedings before the administrative courts. Additionally, we represent our clients during the proceedings before the entities of public administration as well as before the administrative courts...